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South Beach Foxy Fighters

True Fantasy Presents:   All nude oil wrestling party. 

Description::  Ok guys, every school has them. Two girls who sort of stand out from the crowd, a really nice blond and a really pretty brunette. And every school has endless debates about who beats who indeed. And of course every girl wrestling fan in those schools has endless thoughts about who would beat who in a wrestling match. But those thoughts never come true, right? Well, not until this video.  This video has 3 matches. 1st one has 2 girls, watch then get serious they put oil themselves and then fight to the finish. 2nd & 3rd matches end with the girls wrestling totally naked. Just click in the thumbnails and you will see that not further description is necessary. .

   73 minutes  .   Click in the thumbnails to enlarge.

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"All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed."

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