The Key West Pussy Fighters 2

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coverpussyfighters2.jpg (1313512 bytes) This is the second video taped during Spring Break in Key West, Fla..It's more Co-ed Wrestling contests  and now we have Jell-O Wrestling.. Watch 8  Matches were nothing was prohibited...Anything goes, the girls were from 18 years olds to 23 years olds...As if it wasn't hot enough in the southernmost city, some of the girls got totally nude .Then you will see a guy wrestling 5 Jell-O' covered girls..It doesn't take to long for some of these Co-eds to be fighting totally naked.. After you see this video you will understand why they say "What happens in Key West Stays in key West". 60 minutes.  

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"All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed."

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